Diversity Consulting & Training

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Customized Diversity & Inclusion Training & Consulting – Every organization has its’ own unique set of culture, practices and procedures. Through our efforts to understand your culture first, we are able to design and implement proven techniques that build on the uniqueness of the organization and enhance the value of a diverse workforce.


Diversity Best Practice Manual - Requires corporate vision and mission statements, the strategic direction and tactics to achieve your vision. Understanding an organization’s core beliefs and commonly shared values are explored in order to develop guiding principles and statements of “willing behaviors”.


Focus Group Survey – Conduct focus group sessions to assess current trends and culture that exist within the organization.Therefore, assessments then determine what type of intervention needs to be in place to effect change.


Diversity Metrics – Like all corporate initiatives that yield results, creating an inclusive culture requires investment of resources, both financial and human. Metrics are a way to monitor and audit the effectiveness of an organization’s diverse initiative.


Effective Investigation Plan- Tips have been collected and are designed to assist you in planning and conducting an investigation, with particular emphasis on planning and conducting interviews. When it has been determined that an investigation team should be formed to conduct an analysis, then these tips will be most helpful to the Team.


Team Building Training – Create a respectful and supportive work environment that is free of discrimination and harassment and where all employees are enabled to contribute to the success of the business is critical.


Mentoring Program – Create a formal mentoring culture, as a business tool to achieve sustained growth through people and use mentoring to achieve “employer of choice status” with all employees.


Conflict Resolution – Some conflict is inevitable. It arrives at our doorstep regularly and will not typically go away with out some persuasion of some sort. So what do we do about it? How do we handle this unwelcome, persistent intruder? For some people, dealing with conflict is not a big deal. For others, it can be all consuming and overwhelming. The workshop presents a usable, concise approach to help you and your work groups effectively deal with conflict.


Workplace Harassment – Providing solutions that eliminate harassment and discrimination in the workplace while at the same time building colleaguesmanship throughout the organization.

Sexual Harassment – Similar to Workplace Harassment, awareness and education are the foundation for recognizing the different forms of sexual harassment, legal ramifications and actions to prevent and eliminate sexual harassment.