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Human Resource Operations & Systems Start Up – Are you interested in implementing operational process improvement in HR functions the right way, and, see quick results?

Succession Plans/Executive Coach – Identify, develop and retain tomorrow’s leaders today, in a timely effective manner. External third-party executive mentoring focused on win-win criteria has low risk high payoff potential. These efforts are essential if the glass ceiling is to be broken.

Organizational Change Leadership – Implementing process improvement or paradigm change causes people’s insecurities to surface. As your consultant, allow us to be the “bad cop”, while you play the friendlier longer lasting role.

International Human Resource Operations – New foreign business openings have HR operational complexities on par with the finance, legal, tax and logistical issues more often recognized. It is important to plan for these and be proactive, rather than react after-the-fact.

Team Building Leadership Development – Utilize this broad range of Human Resources expertise, along with our diversity and management consulting, to comprehensively address executive team building and development.




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Executive Coaching

Mary Schaefer, Chief Encouragement Office,

Artemis Path, Inc.